Sunday, November 6, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 6

Favorite ship!  I'm not really into the ships of Star Wars, but I think my favorite might be the Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor.

Yeah, I looked that up.

These are the ships that Anakin and Obi-Wan typically fly - I would call them Jedi starfighters, but a trip to Wookieepedia told me that any ship flown by a Jedi is a Jedi starfighter.  Oh well.

In the original Lego Star Wars video game, each movie had one level where you would pilot a ship.  Although at first I found them boring and frustrating, I eventually warmed up to them - especially the first level of Episode III, Battle Over Coruscant.  The path you follow leads you through some of the twists and turns from that part in the movie.  I don't know why, but I really enjoy it.

I guess I like them because they're...well, besides the fact that Obi-Wan and Anakin use them, I see them as slick and maneuverable.  And although they don't have hyperdrive generators, they can use those super cool hyperspace rings.  Starships are not my area of expertise, so please excuse me if my facts are totally off.

Guess I'm a sci-fi fan that doesn't know anything about sci-fi.

That's about it - I've been looking for something cool/funny regarding Jedi starfighters to end this post with but have come up empty, so here is something unrelated but still awesome!

*tries to find something*

All right, several of you have probably seen this, but if you have not you must watch it!

May the Lord be with you!


  1. I love that video- it always makes me smile :)

    Though, it was terrible because I watched E.T. for the first time (technically) last week- and for the life of me could NOT stop, through the whole movie, singing "I was gonna go to Toshi(/Tosche)... station for power convert-ERS!" *headdesk*

    Great post, as always darling! <3

  2. I haven't seen E.T. yet but I'm sure I would do the same thing :D

  3. Stop blowing 'oles in my ship!!

  4. Cool Post!! I'm gonna get a shipp like that but darker red color. Then I'll go to the moon. ;)