Friday, August 30, 2013

Favorite Movies

A looong time ago, Vellvin tagged me in a favorite movies tag that James started!

The rules:
1: List favorite movies (in any format that you like and the movies do not have to be in order).
2: Post my video tribute (above) somewhere in your post.
3: "Tag" other bloggers (optional). (I won't tag anyone but take this if you want to do a similar post!)

Here is James' fantastic video tribute:

And my favorite movies...
 The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit 
Rather obvious if you look at my blog, The Lord of the Rings films are pretty much my all-time favorites. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (and likely the others) included. Fellowship of the Ring is first, probably followed by The Two Towers, then Return of the King. Hard to compare The Hobbit to those, so I'll just say that I loved that too. The Lord of the Rings books and movies just...I don't know, they mean a lot and it's something I can always go back to. Lovable, heroic characters, magnificent places, beautiful music, just everything.

Star Wars
If you've followed me for any length of time this is probably just as obvious. A bit harder to pick favorites here - for the original trilogy it's Return of the Jedi and prequels it's The Phantom Menace or Revenge of the Sith. Again, great characters, stories, and a amazing, extensive universe.

Pirates of the Caribbean
I was super obsessed with PotC for a while and still love these movies. At World's End might be my favorite, but I do love the first two as well (four was okay and though it wasn't my favorite it's still nice to have more movies). One of my favorite PotC related memories is the evening the AWE trailer was going to come out. It would be released at midnight which at the time was too late for us, but this scene from the movie was posted earlier in the evening. We proceeded to watch it maybe 13 times and memorize it. It's probably my favorite scene in all four movies.

The Sound of Music
This is a great feel-good movie for me. I love musicals and this is one of my favorites. Julie Andrews wins all the awards and the story and setting is just so awesome. I mean, Catholics, singing, and just before World War II? Not sure it can get much better.

Those are probably my top choices for movies. Others I've enjoyed a lot include a few Marvel movies, several Disney movies, Indiana Jones, what I've seen of Harry Potter (if anyone is interested, here is a great essay on Harry Potter and Christianity!) and a few others.

So there you go! Thanks again Vellvin, and thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

N-Z Randomness

Continuing my post from before, here are more bits for each letter. A bit Doctor Who heavy, sorry about that. Whoops here come all the hard letters...

N. Nice hobbit - Gollum's blog, Riddles in the Dark is still going strong, though I may have to change the posting schedule soon. Thank you to those who followed and commented, and if you haven't please take a look!

O. Oldish music - I got the Kit Kittredge movie soundtrack from the library the other day and that style of music just makes me so happy. Same with The Music Man - I'll listen to Lida Rose or Sincere and be filled with feelings of I-can't-that-harmonizing-is-just-beautiful. Some really sweet love songs too.

P. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney is going to be brought to North America and Europe and I am super psyched! I expected it to come but we waited a looong time for an announcement, so that was a really exciting surprise and it's nice to know for sure now. They had a cool presentation for it too and it's just all around exciting.

Oh and also, Pizza.

I'm sorry. But not sorry enough to not post it.
Q. Queen Victoria - I've enjoyed rewatching part of Doctor Who season 2 (including Tooth and Claw with Queen Victoria and School Reunion, which is one of my new favorites) with my brother and a couple friends, who were all seeing these episodes for the first time.

R. Radagast - my brother will tell you, whenever we play the Lord of the Rings alphabet game, I will use Radagast for R. Just one of those things I'm stuck on. But on the subject of rewatching things, we watched The Hobbit the other day, which was a lot of fun. Radagast is awesome, and it's cool to know he's the seventh Doctor. And my appreciation for Martin Freeman's acting keeps growing.

S. School - is starting very soon. Got my textbooks recently and trying to get a few more fun things done before it starts. Hopefully it won't completely take over my life this semester, but we'll see. I'm doing liberal arts math, world religion, music theory, and child development - should be fairly interesting!

T. Trip - a couple weeks ago we went to visit family and had a nice trip. On the plane trip home the clouds were really cool and I got a little obsessive with picture taking.

Wish you could walk on something like this.
U. Umbrella - I continually amused by Mycroft Holmes' umbrella from BBC Sherlock. Sounds like the same prop might have been used in Doctor Who too.

 V. Violet - is a pretty color and name. Oh yes, she was in the Boxcar Children. Did anyone else read those books? I loved them when I was younger.

W. We Go Together - there are two songs a Much Ado About Nothing soundtrack that David Tennant and Catherine Tate did (We Go Together and Sigh No More) and they're a couple of my favorite songs right now. Those two are fantastic together.


Y. Ya'll - have to stop posting so I can catch up! Kidding of course, but it would help. ;) I've been trying to catch up on a bunch of blogs but if I've missed your blog as while going through them, if you've been posting a lot and I haven't commented in forever, let me know or something, because some blogs don't show up on my dashboard.

Z. "Ze awesome powers of this wall we've clearly demonstrated, ah! But out here in the hot hot sun, perhaps you're dehydrated?"