Monday, September 26, 2011

Jar Jar Binks on "Prisoners"

Jar Jar Binks represents his people, the Gungans, in the Galactic Senate.  He was a general and hero in the Invasion of Naboo and is bravely serving the Republic in our war through negotiation.  He lives in Otoh Gunga, Naboo.

Hello!  Mesa called Jar Jar Binks!  Mesa doing dis guest post thingy for Arda, who doesn't weally have anything to say on de episode.

[Hey!  I've got stuff to say! Fisto had a good line.  Well...he stole it from Indiana Jones.]

About de eels!  Oh nosa!  Dos eels were bad!  Wesa starting to get berry scared in dare.  Padme almost drowning!  Luckily mesa got a few tricks up mesa sleeve...

[Yeah, that was cool and all, and great that you saved Padme, was a little gross.]

Yosa seen nothin.  Yosa ever been to da core?

[Of Naboo?  I guess technically not...]

Dey got muy slimy fishes down dare.  Yosa no wantin to go dare.

[I'll keep that in mind.]

Good!  Weell, lots of tings did happen in de episode!  Like Lee-Char uniting da people against da Separatists!

[That was pretty brave.  Turning against the Separatists was a big risk for the Quarren; they knew how ruthless Dooku and Tamson were.  And Lee-Char asking them to do that--]

Exactly!  And he let himself be taken just so he talk to...ah...

[Let me open Wookieepedia...Nossor Ri!]

Dat's it!  And den Captain Ackbar could get the armies together!


What yousa saying?

[Never mind, that hasn't happened yet.]

Anyways, day all got together at de execution--

[The bad guys should really learn that these public executions are perfect opportunities for escape.  And they should read the Evil Overlord List.]

And dey blasting de Separatists aways!

[Yay!...*has nothing to say*]

Yosa no liken de episode?

[No, I liked it fine, just...I like Lee-Char, but prefer the ones that are more Jedi-centered, the ones I'm more emotionally invested in.  With Anakin and Obi-Wan and Ahsoka.]

Dey weally couldn't do much here.  Dis is really Lee-Char's battle.

[ was really more about him gaining confidence and growing into his role as king of Mon Calamari.  That was pretty nice.]

Dis a good message for all da younglings!  Believe is youse self, don't be giving up, and be willing to give yoself up for youse people!

[Aww, that was nice Jar Jar.  Looks like you might be doing dat - I mean that - in the next episode.]

Well, mesa does have a role in it.  And Ani dos too!  But he's looking hurt.

[Yeah, poor guy never gets a break does he?]

Noo...poor Ani!  Mesa hate to see him get zapped by dos eels.  And next week he's getting zapped again!

[Yep...well, any closing thoughts?]

Mesa just wanting to tank all of yousa for reading mesa review.  Mesa ask for all of yours support during dis galactic war.  In de Senate, we are working muy hard to protect de Republic and end de war.  But Padme never keeps around good snacks.  So if dare is anyone who wants to donate, Arda will be setting up de donations box on de side bar so yousa can just--

[Jar Jar!]

But--but mesa doing nothing!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Hobbit Day!

I'm know I'm posting this late, but it's Bilbo and Frodo's birthday!

Doesn't "Hobbit Day" just sound like a delightful holiday?

I've done little things for it in the past, but it would be so fun to have a real party some year.  We could have lots of food, music, and of course - do the Hobbit chicken dance.

Oh!  And not only is it Bilbo and Frodo's birthday...

It's Ashley Eckstein's birthday!


Can this day get any awesomer?  Ashley has been such an inspiration to many of us.  I could write a whole post on how great she is and how she has affected my life.

Speaking of which, I would like to thank all of you for the way you've affected my life.  I really appreciate you all taking the time to read and comment on my blog.  I have loved getting all of your comments, and the ones on my TCW review were very touching.  You are all really great people and I love you.

And in reply to said comments, I am planning on writing arranging for more reviews of The Clone Wars from our friends in the GFFA (galaxy far far away)!  Who will depend on who has the most to say on each episode.  I would love to write for ask Ahsoka, and will try to do her soon.  For all of you watching "Prisoners" tomorrow night, I hope you have fun!

But for now, have a blast!

LotR pics from Council of Elrond.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anakin Skywalker on "Water War" and "Gungan Attack"

Guest blogger Anakin Skywalker is a Jedi Knight and general in the Grand Army of the Republic.  He is known as the "Hero Without Fear" and is held in high esteem by the Supreme Chancellor.  When not on the battle field, he lives on Coruscant training his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano.

Well, this new season of The Clone Wars sure started with a bang.  Two episodes, both describing our struggle to keep Mon Calamari out of Separatist hands.  I had one of my rare quiet days today, so my good friend Senator Amidala and I got together to watch the episodes.  I've got to say, Dave Filoni and his crew are doing an incredible job of bringing you these documentaries of the Clone Wars.  The animation in this episode was particularly impressive - the simple things like the clouds and water were very realistic for being animated, and the explosion of our ship was well done.  Even though I didn't exactly want to see that again.

Last season put more emphasis on what was going on away from the front lines, but this season brings you right back.  The second battle of Mon Calamari was a conflict with a unique element - most of it took place underwater.  Luckily, Master Fisto, Ahsoka and I already had lightsabers built or modified to work when wet.  Regular lightsabers would short out.

Also, to set the record straight, I learned to swim not long after coming to the Jedi Temple and have since become as accomplished as Senator Amidala, who grew up swimming on Naboo.

But back to the battle, as you saw, it wasn't easy.  It was supposed to be peaceful negotiations between the Mon Cala and the Quarren.  But once the Separatists got the Quarren stirred up, negotiations came to a dead stop, even with the diplomatic Senator Amidala there.  And the battle that's a shame that so many of the Mon Calamarian people were taken captive or killed as the Separatists attempted to take another world.

That young prince, Lee-Char - he's a good kid.  Completely unprepared for the role he's been forced to take, but with Captain Ackbar and myself advising him, he's doing all right.  He's going through a lot, dealing with the grief of losing his father, and now in danger of losing his people as he's thrust into the middle of the war.  I saw that my Padawan Ahsoka was doing a good job of not only protecting him, but encouraging and advising him as well.

Ahsoka has really grown.  She's gained a lot of wisdom since she became a Padawan.  Hearing her today on the show reminded me of just how much she's matured.  I told her to take the Prince somewhere safe and lie low...and she did.  If I told her to do this when she had just graduated from the Temple, she would have done anything but lie low.  These battles have taught her a lot about how even though the Jedi are powerful warriors, fighting is not always the best move.  There is wisdom in waiting and watching (man, Obi-Wan's going to be thrilled to hear me saying this).

This Friday is the conclusion to this arc on the second battle of Mon Calamari.  If you've seen the preview, you know that after I got captured with Senator Amidala, Master Fisto, and Representative Binks, things got a little rough.  But you're going to have to wait and see what happens this week.

May the Force be with you.

This post was inspired by Father Longenecker at Standing on My Head and his hilarious, informative, and very creative "alter egos".

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Can Has Smiles?

I've been kind of tired/busy today and don't think I could write a great post right now, so here are some cute/funny pictures from  This is such a fun site, and easy to waste time on (especially at night when you don't want to go to bed...and no, that's not to blame for me being tired today...entirely).

Any dream will do...

Wonder how many bars you can get in Catlantis?

This makes me think of "Pick-a-little, Talk-a-little."  I love words like tomfoolery.

Trussssst in me, jusssst in me.  Close your eyes, and trusssst in me...

Perhaps these two are conspiring together!  Excellent...stop repeating everything I say!

D'awwwww!  Anyone have a caption for this one?

We takes the precious!  Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

Those poor toes never had a chance.

We ned 2 get u somb roller-sk8s.

 A useful pot to put things in!


Hope you've had a good Monday!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Releases

Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September
Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day

September - Earth Wind & Fire

I like September.  Even if it's not any cooler than August, and even though school is starting.  It's a promise that autumn is coming.  And it has a pretty name.

It also marks the beginning of new seasons of TV shows, holds many other releases.  My brother and I recently put together a list of all the releases and premieres we're looking forward to the rest of the year.  Here's what we have:

September 16

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4
It's almost here!  The trailers and photos released promise an epic season.  Dave Filoni said Season 4 will be darker than the previous seasons, and the subtitle "Battle Lines" hints at more battles this time around.  As events move toward Revenge of the Sith, it seems Anakin is going to becoming closer to his dark side self this season.  But with Gungans in the second episode, hopefully we'll have some fun too.

September 19

The Sing-Off Season 3
The Sing-Off is a musical competition between a cappella groups.  It's really amazing the music they can make with just their voices.  The contestants are always very talented and great people as well, and there isn't any backstage drama, which I really like.  Also, the judges give kind and informative critiques on the performances.  I always watch this with my mom and brother, and it's a fun thing to do together.  Definitely looking forward to the next season.

October 4

Perry Mason Season Six, Volume 1 DVD
CBS begins to release the sixth season of Perry Mason for fans of the expert defense attorney.  Perry Mason is a courtroom drama based on the series of books by Erle Stanley Gardner.  Along with secretary Della and detective Paul, Perry cracks open murder cases the prosecutor, Hamilton Burger, thinks are perfect.  Perry will not only prove his client's innocence, but unmask the true murderer as well.  The shows are always very complex and exciting.  Volume 2 will be released November 22.

October 4

The Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune

The second book in the series following Percy Jackson and the Olympians!  I can't say much about the plot as it would spoil the previous book (The Lost Hero), but it's going to be incorporating some new characters and put an old character in an intriguing new setting.

October 17

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

The fourth game in the Professor Layton series for Nintendo DS is being localized!  This one is a prequel, and will show how the main characters, Layton and Luke, first met!  I've heard a lot about Emmy, the Professor's assistant in the prequels, and am looking forward to getting to know her.  This game has more puzzles than any of the other games, so that should be fun.  My brother and I are going to pre-order it and figure out how to play it at the same time.  I am so incredibly excited!

October 18

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides DVD

The new movie sails to the shelves on DVD and Blu-ray!  Although the first three are my favorites, this movie was still a lot of fun.  It will be great to watch it again and have a better understanding of what's going on, and opportunities to memorize more good quotes!  Plus my mom will get to see it so my dad, brother and I can stop trying to avoid spoilers!  There are a few different versions coming out - the regular DVD edition will come out November 15.

November 4

(poster from Japanese version)

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva DVD

Another Professor Layton localization - this time the movie!  Following Last Specter, the movie has been out for a while in Japan and Europe, and is finally coming to North America!  Although I've been spoiled on one cool part from looking at fan art, I'm as excited for this as Last Specter!

November 23

The Muppets

They're baaaack!  And in a new movie!  Although I've always preferred Sesame Street to The Muppets, but I've been enjoying a few clips lately (particularly the Swedish Chef), and the hilarious trailer promises an entertaining movie.  If only Yoda were in it...

December 6

The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers: A King's Ransom
A King's Random is the second books in the series following The 39 Clues books.  Each book is written by a different author (some write more than one), and this one is by Jude Watson, my favorite Star Wars author!  I'm definitely looking forward to it.  The books are set in the modern world, but they incorporate history and give it a different meaning, which is very cool.

A few other things coming out soon are:
September 16, Star Wars Blu-ray
October 11, Kung Fu Panda 2 DVD
October 18, The Clone Wars Season 3 DVD
November 1, Cars 2 DVD

So those are a few releases I'm excited about this fall!  What are you looking forward to?