Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 12


Today, the last day of this challenge, is one favorite Christmas memory.

For me, it was a few years ago.  I think it was after dinner on Christmas day, we went to church just to pray for a bit (maybe we had gone to Mass the night before).  Instead of coming right home afterward, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  We played the CD "Christmas with Gisele" and all sang along - even trying the parts that are in French.  I think at one point we pulled off somewhere to watch some fireworks.  It was so beautiful, fun, magical, and I felt really connected with my family.

And that's it!  Thank you Sarah for coming up with this great challenge, and thank you to all who read and commented!

Hope you all had a wonderful day, and may the Lord be with you!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 11

Two favorite Christmas recipes...

These are (imperfect) snowman top hats.  Mom and I saw them in a store once and thought they looked really cool, so we tried to make our own allergen-free version (three out of the four of us have food allergies).  They're kind of tricky to make, but so, so worth it.

They are made with chocolate, large marshmallows, and Oreos/sandwich cookies.  To make them, first melt chocolate chips (we used a make-shift double boiler).  The way I assembled them today was I dipped a marshmallow in chocolate, put it chocolate side down on the Oreo, spooned more chocolate on the top, and used a toothpick to spread the chocolate on the sides of the marshmallow and Oreo until getting something resembling a top hat!

I don't really have a second recipe, but I wanted to share a couple pictures of the cookies we decorated yesterday!  The recipe we use is a basic cutout cookie recipe from my aunt with powdered sugar frosting.

Here is a platter with cookies decorated by my mom, brother and myself...

And a few I did just for fun.  First is Piglet, then a japor snippet from Star Wars, Bilbo Baggins (as best as I could do by memory), Phoenix Wright, and Professor Layton (a snowman version, at least).  Piglet has frosting and the others were drawn with food coloring markers

Definitely had a lot of fun creating these Christmas treats and doing it with my mom and brother.  It has also been fun to eat a couple!

'Tis the night before Christmas, our goodnights have been said.  We're going to Mass in the morning, so I better go to bed!  May the Lord be with you this Christmas night!

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 10

Three favorite Christmas outfits...

I did mention I liked A Charlie Brown Christmas, right?

I'll be wearing this on Christmas with black pants or a skirt and a bracelet a friend made me a few years ago.

That's all that I have, so I'm making the third my dad's Christmas tie.  It plays music when you press it, which was the coolest thing when I was little, and it's still special now.

It's Christmas eve eve!  I really cannot believe it's so close.  We decorated the cookies today which was a lot of fun.  Tomorrow we'll be making a couple other treats and then it's time to enjoy the holiday!  May the Lord be with you!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 9

Four favorite Christmas traditions...

Did you say...tradition?

Traditiooooooon!  Tradition!  Tradition!
Traditiooooooon!  Tradition!  Tradition!

When it is light on day after Thanksgiving,
Since us kids were children, we'd hear music blare,
For I Yust Go Nuts on Christmas, and Giselle,
Are always played throughout our home.

By Papa!  By Papa!  Tradition!
By Papa!  By Papa!  Tradition!

Then at night on Christmas eve we're all at home,
Our quiet home, our darkened home,
Singing Silent Night, the music filled our home,
And then we went to bed and sleep we took.

In pajamas!  Pajamas!  Tradition!
Pajamas!  Pajamas!  Tradition!

Our family, we will go to Mass,
That morning, Christmas day.
At home we eat and open gifts,
With bows so pretty.

And this year we may each,
A brand new custom fix.
Before our glass nativity,
We'll say a prayer Mom picked.

To the Father!  The Father!  Tradition!
The Father!  The Father!  Tradition!

Because of our traditions, we've enjoyed Christmas for many, many years.  You may ask, how did these traditions get started?  I'll tell you:

I don't know.

But they're our traditions.  And without our traditions, our Christmases would be as shaky a reindeer on the roof!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  So those are our four traditions:

1. We play two special CDs, I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas (one of my dad's favorites) and Christmas with Gisele (not sure if we did this one this year) on the day after Thanksgiving.
2. On Christmas eve night we sing Silent Night together before bed.
3. We go to Mass on Christmas morning and return to breakfast or lunch and presents.
4. This year Mom found a prayer to say in front of a nativity set that she suggested we do.

That's all for now!  We baked cookies today and will decorate them tomorrow - should be fun!  Have a great day everyone, and may the Lord be with you!

*in case you are not familiar with it, the above song is based on "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 8

Five favorite Christmas crafts...

I love Christmas crafts!  I usually do something each year, though this year only cookie decorating.

This is a wreath ornament made with pipe cleaners.  I made this a several years ago (when I was seven, I think) with a good friend that lived across the street at the time.  She has since moved away and I've only seen her a couple times, though we have emailed and written a bit.  It's not the craft that I love, but the memories.

We made a bunch of these at a homeschool field trip once.  The theme was recycled holidays, or something like that.  We had circles cut out of greeting cards which we folded and glued together into ornaments.  Of the ones we made, this is one of my favorites because it has Tigger on it (does anyone else go "T, I, double guh, er," when spelling Tigger?).

These my mom and I made a year or two ago.  It's a cookie cutter with Christmas fabric glued to the back.  I have to say, these were a lot more difficult to make than we anticipated, but most of them came out looking really cool.

Our traditional Christmas cutout cookies made by me, my mom, and my brother.

Some other cookies I made last year.  Piglet was made with a cookie cutter, and the others were shaped with cookie cutters, a spatula, and a toothpick.

And there we have it!  See you tomorrow for day 9!  May the Lord be with you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 7

Six favorite Christmas stories...

Hmm...not sure if I can come up with six.

1. THE Christmas story
2. The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry.
3. The Twelve Bugs of Christmas (it's a pop-up book)
4. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
5. Does it count that one of the cases in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney takes place on Christmas?
6. The Star Wars Christmas story, one of the funniest Star Wars or Christmas videos:

Be sure to watch through the credits!  Have a great day and may the Lord be with you!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 6

Seven favorite Christmas movies...

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas - if it wasn't already obvious from my previous posts.

2. It's Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown - basically I like most Peanuts specials...

3. Mrs. Santa Claus - a musical introduced to me by a good friend.

4. Eloise at Christmastime - So fun and sweet.

5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - the classic TV special.

6. The Toy that Saved Christmas - Veggie Tales!

7. Santa vs. the Snowman - An entertaining comedy and one of my brother's favorites.

And so far I have watched none of these this year.  Like I said before, Christmas kind of sneaked up on me this year.  I'll try to get in Peanuts before Christmas, though.  Until tomorrow, may the Lord be with you!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 5

Eight favorite Christmas decorations...

Here are some with pictures:

These are my favorite Christmas tree decorations.

A random decoration I like.  It always reminds me of the song "Ring Little Bells."

A tiny, wood nativity set I always enjoy setting up.

Our nativity set - always fun to set up and look at.

This is a lamb I really like from a different nativity set that we added to the one we put up this year.

Part of a display we put up on a door.  It's really pretty in real life.

And a couple I don't have good pictures for:

A Charlie Brown Christmas tree like the little one from the show.

And our outdoor nativity set.  We've had some fun times with that.  Many times the wind has knocked over various figures (especially Joseph and a couple kings), and thanks to a dead light bulb, one of the kings was affectionately dubbed "Dimlit."  Good times.

There you go!  Hope you all have a good week!  I'm looking forward to a Monday with no school!  May the Lord be with you!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 4

Nine things on your Christmas list...

Yay, this is easy!

1. Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva DVD
2. John Paul II High: Summer of My Dissent by Christian M. Frank
3. Her Universe Jedi charm
4. Professor Layton and Luke plushies
5. 2012 Peanuts calendar
6. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack
7. Wii points card (to get Phoenix Wright games 2 & 3)
8. Anakin 2011 TCW action figure
9. Money to put toward Celebration VI tickets and a Jedi costume

That's pretty much the entirety of my wish list!  I remembered a few things I forgot to add later but oh well.

I'm starting to get pretty excited for Christmas!  We hung the ornaments on the tree today and got out the Christmas dishes and a few other decorations.  Only one week!  It seems to have sneaked up on me this year.  Until tomorrow everyone, may the Lord be with you!

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 3

Ten favorite Christmas's what I thought of:

1. The Jedi Path - I'll have to reread this sometime.

2. TCW/Mary Poppins comic book - Yes, you read that right.  This is actually something I made to give to my brother.  I parodied a bunch of songs from Mary Poppins and had characters from The Clone Wars sing them in comic book form.

3. Camera - Mom and Dad gave me a camera and it's been really nice to have!

4. Plo Koon and Ahsoka shirt - Her Universe!

5. Bitty Baby - She was so dear to me when I was little.

6. Molly - Definitely my favorite of the American Girl dolls.

7. iPod speaker - Kind of random, but you can plug in anything with a headphone jack and it's really come in handy.

8. Scapular - A friend gave me a scapular, something you wear around your neck.  Usually I see them with two cloth rectangles, but this one has two tiny plastic hearts with pictures of Jesus and Mary.  Some of the cloth ones have scratchy plastic covers but this one is much more comfortable, and I wear it as much as I can.  It's a great reminder for me to think about Jesus.  (I know this is all very Catholic, so if anyone has any questions about it let me know and I'll answer as best I can!)

9. Professor Layton and the Curious Village - My brother got this for Christmas last year and let me play it.  It was the start of a great new interest!

10, and the greatest gift of all...

Jesus.  How silently, how silently, the wondrous gift is given!

Have a great weekend everyone, and may the Lord be with you!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 2

I didn't post this yesterday because it was getting late and I was too tired, but here it is now!

The first day was twelve favorite pictures, and the second is eleven Christmas songs (the third will follow soon)!

Good timing, as I sang in a Christmas concert yesterday!

The first two aren't technically Christmas songs - they're for Advent, but I'd love to share them!

Creator of the Stars of Night - A really beautiful song.  I have to say I couldn't find a version on YouTube that I loved, but I suppose I'm biased to the way we do it at church. 

A Voice Cries Out - I love singing this song!  Caution: this video is made up of clips from The Passion of the Christ and is difficult to watch, but the music is great (I just looked at the lyrics instead).

And for Christmas songs...

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Traditional

Rejoice with Exceeding Great Joy - After singing this in a few concerts it became one of my favorites!

He is Born, The Holy Child - This is the Veggie Tales version, probably the first I heard, but there are other pretty choral arrangements, too.

Joy to the World - Again, traditional

Christmas Time is Here - A real feel-good song for me.

White Christmas - Although it's way overplayed on the radio here, I still love this song and Bing Crosby's voice.

O Holy Night - Traditional

Silent Night - Traditional; my family often sings this on Christmas eve right before bed.

O Come All Ye Faithful - Traditional, just a really nice song about adoring the Lord.

I love Christmas music, especially old, traditional carols.  Haven't listened too much this year yet and the season is quickly slipping by!  I must remedy that soon.  Last night when my brother and I were talking about this post we came up with a bunch of other favorites, but to keep it to eleven I'm stopping now (that and I can't remember most of them!).  Also, I ended up taking my final yesterday and it went really well!  Have a good day everyone, and may the Lord be with you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 1

Sarah came up with a great Christmas challenge for the twelve days between now and the 25th!

Today is twelve favorite Christmas pictures...

I love this picture of Mary and Jesus - so lovely!

A beautiful depiction of the Holy Family and a bit from Isaiah - it's so amazing how all the prophecies came true in Jesus!

Love the stars in this one.

A Charlie Brown Christmas!  Charlie Brown is so happy, even if Snoopy is into the commercialism of Christmas and the boy has only a small tree.  But that tree, with a little love...

Can turn into this!  Rather magical, don't you think?  The branches multiplied...  And everyone is singing!

A bit of fun...

And a Fellowship of the Ring comic I drew last year!  My drawing skills aren't great, but it was fun.  It will likely only make sense to those who have read the book.

A couple years ago we got to visit some really cool churches around Christmas, and this one had some beautiful decorations that complimented the already beautiful interior.

A staircase to the choir loft and pipe organ, I believe...

And the decorations under a stained glass window.  This is one of my favorites.

These three wise men are part of a nativity set we own.  We usually keep them to the east of the rest of the set until Epiphany.  But you know, you don't have to be wise and wealthy to come to Jesus - he invites us all, old and young, rich and poor, and all this guy.

That's all for the first day!  Say a quick prayer for me if you will - I have my Spanish final either tomorrow or Friday, and I'm nervous!  Looking forward to being done with the course though.  See you all tomorrow, and may the Lord be with you!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 30

The last day of the challenge - why you love Star Wars. thing I love about Star Wars is the Jedi Order.


I've been fascinated by their culture and teachings, and most of my favorite characters are Jedi.  I love reading about them, lightsaber techniques, and the Jedi Way.

Second is the creativity Star Wars has inspired.  Costumes, comics, fan fiction, fan art, crafts etc.  It's great to see fans get so into it and the amazing works they produce, and it's fun to try and follow in their footsteps with my small creations.

But what I love most about Star Wars is the community it creates.

For me, this has made my life better in three ways:

First, with offline friends - a young boy I had an air lightsaber duel with and then talked Star Wars for a while afterward, an obsessed girl I met once, a man at a recent event.  It gave us something to talk about, and without it I probably never would have had the chance to be friends with them.

Second, with online friends.  In January I joined The Lakehouse, a forum for Christian Star Wars fan girls (but you don't have to be a Christian to join!).  Throughout the past year, I've had so much fun there, the friends I've made are some of the nicest people, and I think it all has helped me be more confident in my geekyness.  If you haven't been there, I highly recommend you check it out!

Finally, with my brother.  Over the years we have had so much fun with Star Wars together, between role-plays, song parodies, Halloween costumes, arguments discussions, and more.  Between that and Lord of the Rings, we've become really close.

And there we have it!  I have so enjoyed doing this and I want to thank you all for reading and your comments.  They have greatly brightened this month for me!

But before we go, here is one of my favorite Star Wars-related videos.  Enjoy!

May the Lord be with you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 29

Best personal Star Wars memory...

I'm not sure if it's my favorite, but in the summer of 2010 my brother and I were able to go to Star Wars Celebration V!


The whole experience was very cool, but here are a few highlights:

Meeting Ashley Eckstein - I love her!  We found the Her Universe booth in the exhibit hall and she was there talking to fans.  A big thank you to my brother for getting us to talk to her; I would have chickened out otherwise!  Although I was awkward the whole time we chatted and took pictures, I was so thrilled to meet her!

TCW panel - In the afternoon, I went to a TCW behind-the-scenes panel with Dave Filoni.  It was really interesting and fun and I learned a lot about the show, but the best part was that Dave mentioned Lord of the Rings - twice!  I love him forever now.

The costumes - My favorite part of the event!  The fan's costumes were amazing!  How cool it was to walk among Jedi, Padmés, Darth Vaders, and so many more.  There were three guys dressed as Jedi versions of Mario, Luigi, and Toad - I hope they come next time!  And as we were leaving, we saw Darth Vader have a lightsaber duel with Darth Nihilus (I looked that up) which was really cool.

I am so thankful that we were able to go, and I cannot wait until Celebration VI!

There are a few other memories that are dear to my heart, but I think they'll fit into tomorrow's post - the last day of this challenge!  Until then, may the Lord be with you!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 28

I can't believe this month is almost over!  Today is favorite Darth Vader quote.

shadows of reflection

"The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

My reasons are kind of along the same lines as yesterday's.  Replace the Force with God and it talks about how great His power is.  Like the faith that can move mountains verse, God's power is beyond what we can imagine.  So is His love.  But of course, God is good and the Death Star is not.  Totally not.

The other thing I like about it is that it's so fun to say.  "Insignificant."  Quoting and doing impressions of different characters is something I have a lot of fun with so I tend to like lines that are fun to say.

Well.  That was short.  That's about it, so as another follow up to yesterday, here is Darth Vader recording his voice for TomTom GPS:

May the Lord be with you!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 27

Favorite Yoda quote...

I've got two:

"Size matters not.  Look at me.  Judge me by my size, do you?  And well you should not.  For my ally is the Force.  And a powerful ally it is."


"Aw, cannot get your ship out?"

The first one because it's kind of inspiring in that it says that we are more than our limitations.  Replace the Force with God (or "the Lord" sounds good) and it's really cool.  God helps us rise above our weaknesses.

And I'm short.

The second one is just silly.  I like crazy Yoda and have had fun with this line.

Here's a bit of Yoda silliness...

May the Lord be with you!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 25 & 26

Hey everyone!  I didn't have time to post yesterday, so I'll be combining two days.

First is favorite EU book.

I love the EU, especially the rise of the Empire era, and Jude Watson's books are one of my favorite parts of Star Wars.  My favorite of them would have to be Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: Deceptions.

It takes place both before and after The Phantom Menace, so it has Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin, which is a big plus for me.  In the first half of the book, Obi-Wan is accused of killing a fellow Jedi trainee.  The second half includes Anakin as a twelve-year-old and characters introduced in the first half.  When I first got it from the library, I think I read it three times before it had to be returned.

My number two is Jedi Quest: The Changing of the Guard - one of the funniest in the series!

Today's prompt is favorite Obi-Wan quote, and here are a few I really like:

"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us.  It binds the galaxy together."

"The Force will be with you...always."


"Oh, I don't think so."

"You were the Chosen One!

"Sith Lords are our speciality."

And probably several others that I'm not thinking of right now - you know how much I like Obi-Wan!

I hope all you Americans had a great Thanksgiving, and to all, may the Lord be with you!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks

It seems that everyone is doing a post like this today!

I'm thankful for...

My family

My friends (offline and on, especially those who are reading this :))

Health for myself and family

Star Wars

Lord of the Rings

Professor Layton

Phoenix Wright and Turnabout Musical


The Lakehouse


Sticky notes


My faith and all it brings me





My theater group

Religion class

My followers and commenters

You, who are taking the time to read my blog. :)
Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

Star Wars Challenge Day 24

"A character you dislike."

I guess that would be Captain Panaka.

Sorry to all who like him, but I was pretty indifferent on him in The Phantom Menace, and found out from Wookieepedia that he told Palpatine about Anakin and Padme's marriage (giving Palpatine the means to lure Anakin to the dark side) and he joined the Empire.  So I'm definitely not crazy about him (except his hat, which is cool).

But this post would not be complete if I did not mention Governor Tarkin.

He's the guy I love to hate.  Tarkin is one of the more ruthless bad guys in Star Wars, and the fact that he was okay blowing up an entire planet, killing billions of innocent people, is revolting.  He used to be my least favorite character, but I was impressed with how he was done in The Clone Wars (just like how a younger Tarkin would be, I thought), that I started to *grumble* not mind him quite as much. *grumblegrumble*

So that's my story.  And now I'm going to have their pictures on the front page of my blog for days.  Ah well.

Speaking of Tarkin, here's a fun parody of Be Our Guest:

May the Lord be with you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 23

Something you wished was different.

Guess what - I actually know what I'm going to talk about!  A miracle, I know...

The thing I wished was different is...


Yes, kind of silly and not actually from the movies, but this is what I want different.

Stewjon is the name of Obi-Wan's home planet, and was created at Celebration V.  During the Main Event, an interview with George Lucas by Jon Stewart, George was asked what the name of Obi-Wan's home planet was.  George answered, "this is one of the first things I wrote in the very first script. He comes from the planet Stewjon."

Now nothing against Jon Stewart, whose name provided the base for Stewjon, but I really don't like it.  I guess you could say it's ok because there are stranger names in the galaxy far far away, but I would have liked for the planet Obi-Wan comes from to have a prettier name.

I used to want to know where Obi-Wan was from, but now I wish I didn't.  And I no longer have any desire to know where Qui-Gon is from!

Here's what he and Obi-Wan were saying before the interview.

Original pic from Shadows of Reflection
May the Lord be with you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 22

Favorite RotJ moment.

Ok guys, this will be the last indecisive post of this challenge.


I really liked the ending, when all the Rebels are celebrating together as I have already mentioned.  Here are a few other parts I really like.

Shadow of Reflection
When Han is assembling his command crew and Luke returns from Dagobah.  I just love seeing Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewie being friends.

Shadows of Reflection
"I don't know - fly casual."
One of my favorite lines from the movies.

Shadows of Reflection
Vader and Luke have a conversation without trying to kill each other.  I like how in this moment Luke seems to genuinely love this evil man who is his father and wants to help him.  Vader appears regretful of his past choices when he says that it is too late for him.  There still is a little bit of Anakin there.

Shadows of Reflection
"I am a my father before me."
Luke stays strong in the face of great temptation and stands up for what he believes in, even though it pretty much means certain death.  Sarah wrote a really great post on this scene which made me appreciate it a lot more.

So there you go!  And to end this post...

May the Lord be with you!

Star Wars Challenge Day 21

Favorite ESB moment.

Although ESB is actually my least favorite of the Star Wars movies (I like it fine but prefer the others), I have a couple things.  There's the part when Han glares and points at C3P0 which I would have posted about, except I cannot figure out when in the movie it is and thus can't find a picture.  But I have another!
He reminds me of Jack Sparrow sometimes.

"Son...I'm Captain Han Solo...Savvy?"

Yes, this is really short but it's late and this is all I have for today.  But I'll leave you with a cute video:

May the Lord be with you!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 20

Today is favorite moment from A New Hope.

To better remember the movie (it's been a while since I've watched it), I went through a bunch of screen captures and came up with three parts I really like.

Because you all know how decisive I am.

One is when everyone's on their way to Alderaan and they're just hanging out - Luke is practicing with his lightsaber, Ben is helping him, R2 and Chewbacca play holochess with 3P0 looking on, and Han adding his comments about hokey religions and upsetting Wookiees.

Second is when Luke goes off to find Leia's cell and Han tries to dissuade more troopers from coming up.  This part is just so funny and Han's "how are you?" is one of my favorite lines from that movie.

Finally, when Darth Vader's ship gets knocked away by Han, and Luke is able to trust the Force and land his shot.  So happy in many ways.

While we're talking about A New Hope, here's a neat video my dad showed me a while ago.

Does anyone know of a good Star Wars gallery that doesn't mind if their pictures are used (with or without credit)?  I know of a few galleries, but they are only of certain parts of the saga.

Hope you all have a good week, and may the Lord be with you!

Star Wars Challenge Day 19

Favorite RotS moment...

Well, I had picked a part to talk about, but it turned into a lengthy discussion more about The Clone Wars than Revenge of the Sith.  I'll look into finishing and posting it later, but today is for RotS, specifically when Obi-Wan confronts General Grievous.

I know I talked about this part before, but it wasn't long and it was either this or another Obi-Wan/Anakin friendship moment.

After watching from above for a short time, Obi-Wan leaves Boga (and yet another cloak) to confidently leap down right in front of Grievous and in the middle of a large number of blasters turning toward him.

During a panel at Celebration V, Dave Filoni mentioned a cool moment of Ewan McGregor's acting that I hadn't noticed before.  General Grievous ignites his four lightsabers and starts spinning two so that they scrape the floor.  As he advances toward Obi-Wan in this manner, the Jedi Master gets this little smile on his face; the grin of a skilled warrior.  I thought that was pretty neat.

And of course the rest of the scene is cool too, with the dialog between the two and the initial clashes of their battle.

By the way, any idea how many cloaks Obi-Wan loses throughout the movies?  The Jedi seamstresses must hate him...

May the Lord be with you!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 18

Similar to yesterday, today's prompt is favorite moment from AotC.

Not feeling like writing right now, but posting last night made me feel better so let's try something...

This isn't too much, but I like the part when Obi-Wan first talks to Lama Su.

...Which I cannot find a good picture of.

But imagine what it must have been like for Obi-Wan - he's investigating an assassin.  Totally normal, right?  Then he finds out this planet was erased from the Jedi Archives.  He goes there, and finds out they have an army ready for the Republic...which was ordered by a Jedi.

Obi-Wan plays it cool but it must have been pretty shocking, as Jedi don't tend to do those sorts of things.

Oh, and don't they have the coolest chairs on Kamino?
You can kind of see it there - it's like a spoon.  Kind of weird, but I've always loved those chairs.  For some reason I can't find any good pictures from AotC but oh well!

Sorry for the short post!  Hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 17

Favorite TPM moment...

How about any moment that has Qui-Gon and/or Obi-Wan in it?

All right, what about...I can't find a good picture from the Council scenes, but how about the beginning of the movie?

I'm kind of tired tonight for a long post, so in a nutshell I like this part because it's a Master and Padawan just being...normal.  And doing some cool lightsaber stuff, but all in a day's work, right?  In case I haven't mentioned it before, I kind of like the Jedi.  So I'm interested in pretty much anything that shows what they're like, especially when it includes Jedi by the names of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn.

This is going to be a short post, but I have a special edition.  You know the musical Annie?  Well, it turns out that you can take the songs, in order, and put them into The Phantom Menace with a few lyric changes works.  Seriously.  So I kind of wrote the whole thing, including a script.  A few songs need to be written yet and the whole thing needs to be edited, but here is one okay song for your enjoyment.  There are a few awkward parts that need work, it's definitely not done yet, but here's my first draft.  Sung to the tune of "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile," this song takes place during the Senate meeting where Queen Amidala is pleading her case.

This is Queen Amidala, saying:

The bounty men
And the Hutt Clan
You know they’re both vile
But Brother,
I ask that you put Nute Gunray on trial

You think that he trades legally
This isn’t his style --
But Brother,
I ask that you put Nute Gunray on trial

Our planet is bearing
That they bestow
My people live their lives in fear
From a dangerous foe
The Federation

So, Senator,
So, Chancellor,
Consider a while
I ask that you put Nute Gunray on trial

Ready or not, here he goes
Listen to Jar Jar
Tap his smilin’ toes

Ah, the gungan Jar Jar Binks.

Doo doodle-oo doo
Doo doodle-oo doo
Doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo

They brought in the big droid army
They have lots of guile
But, brother
Our people are oppressed
Hear our request
Put Nute on





L--put Gunray on trial

We matter
So, Senator,
So, Chancellor,
Consider a while!

There you go!  Hope you're all having a good week.  I've been pretty busy but hopefully next week I'll have more time for commenting on blogs and such!  May the Lord be with you!