Friday, December 16, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 2

I didn't post this yesterday because it was getting late and I was too tired, but here it is now!

The first day was twelve favorite pictures, and the second is eleven Christmas songs (the third will follow soon)!

Good timing, as I sang in a Christmas concert yesterday!

The first two aren't technically Christmas songs - they're for Advent, but I'd love to share them!

Creator of the Stars of Night - A really beautiful song.  I have to say I couldn't find a version on YouTube that I loved, but I suppose I'm biased to the way we do it at church. 

A Voice Cries Out - I love singing this song!  Caution: this video is made up of clips from The Passion of the Christ and is difficult to watch, but the music is great (I just looked at the lyrics instead).

And for Christmas songs...

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Traditional

Rejoice with Exceeding Great Joy - After singing this in a few concerts it became one of my favorites!

He is Born, The Holy Child - This is the Veggie Tales version, probably the first I heard, but there are other pretty choral arrangements, too.

Joy to the World - Again, traditional

Christmas Time is Here - A real feel-good song for me.

White Christmas - Although it's way overplayed on the radio here, I still love this song and Bing Crosby's voice.

O Holy Night - Traditional

Silent Night - Traditional; my family often sings this on Christmas eve right before bed.

O Come All Ye Faithful - Traditional, just a really nice song about adoring the Lord.

I love Christmas music, especially old, traditional carols.  Haven't listened too much this year yet and the season is quickly slipping by!  I must remedy that soon.  Last night when my brother and I were talking about this post we came up with a bunch of other favorites, but to keep it to eleven I'm stopping now (that and I can't remember most of them!).  Also, I ended up taking my final yesterday and it went really well!  Have a good day everyone, and may the Lord be with you!

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