Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 8

Five favorite Christmas crafts...

I love Christmas crafts!  I usually do something each year, though this year only cookie decorating.

This is a wreath ornament made with pipe cleaners.  I made this a several years ago (when I was seven, I think) with a good friend that lived across the street at the time.  She has since moved away and I've only seen her a couple times, though we have emailed and written a bit.  It's not the craft that I love, but the memories.

We made a bunch of these at a homeschool field trip once.  The theme was recycled holidays, or something like that.  We had circles cut out of greeting cards which we folded and glued together into ornaments.  Of the ones we made, this is one of my favorites because it has Tigger on it (does anyone else go "T, I, double guh, er," when spelling Tigger?).

These my mom and I made a year or two ago.  It's a cookie cutter with Christmas fabric glued to the back.  I have to say, these were a lot more difficult to make than we anticipated, but most of them came out looking really cool.

Our traditional Christmas cutout cookies made by me, my mom, and my brother.

Some other cookies I made last year.  Piglet was made with a cookie cutter, and the others were shaped with cookie cutters, a spatula, and a toothpick.

And there we have it!  See you tomorrow for day 9!  May the Lord be with you!


  1. Cool POst!! My favorite is the card circle thing!! Tigger is AWESOME!! I do that to! LOL :)

  2. Love the different things you have here! The cookies look really good.
    My family has made the ornament with Tigger on it before too :)