Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy 2019, friends! It's time for the annual return to this blog to talk about last year and next!

Last year's resolutions:

Graduate from college
Done! Please keep reminding me to not go to grad school. But dang with the spring semester about to start I'm feeling this weird draw to take classes again but it's probably just the wanting the familiar. If I did more school it would probably be for a certificate or something.

Get a job
Not done. Been struggling with this a lot (feeling afraid/not knowing what I'm doing) so prayers are greatly appreciated!

Read 4 books
GUYS. You know how I've been struggling to read much the past few years and reading six books would be a big accomplishment? According to Goodreads, I read 52 books this year! Now the vast majority of them were thin Star Wars books (and some comics) for young readers, but 7 were adult fiction/non-fiction so definitely hit this goal!

Get at least one fanfic close to completion
I wouldn't say so, but I did a lot of writing (for me) this year (at least 17k words between two writing challenges plus stuff outside of that) and even some editing, so I don't feel too bad about not getting this done exactly.

Create other things
Hmmmm......I'm trying to think of things. Not coming up with much, sadly. With figuring out life and the feelings that go along with it, it's been kind of hard to "do" "things" and I'm only just getting a little better at it.

Take care of myself (body, mind, and soul)
Hmm....I'd say kind of! Mental stimulation is still a bit tough to figure out but sometimes!

Love myself
(Which is a more catchy phrase than "learn how much God loves me so I can love Him, others, and myself more.")
God has done amazing things for me this year! It was a slow progression from "self help" to, really days ago, "I am His beloved." Not that I'm done with this (far from it) and I'm sure I will continue to struggle with it but man. He is so good!
Don't get your hopes up, but maybe I'll make another post about with book recs in this area.

Dress well
Uhhh didn't really make any changes in this area this year haha. I have thought about it at least!

This year's resolutions: 

Read five books
Like the past couple years, just moving the number up until I miss it! I may not have as many short SW books to boost my number this year but I keep remembering some so we shall see.

Reread The Fellowship of the Ring
Or the whole trilogy (or six books depending on how you count) but let's at least get this started. I actually haven't reread LotR since becoming an adult, so I'm excited to see what they look like from a new perspective! And I got a companion devotional/journal for Christmas that has a page for each chapter so I must use it - check it out here! 

Finish a dang fanfic already
I'm not holding my breath on this one lol but going to shoot for it again! 

Be more intentional with physical/mental health
Uhh I guess I'm basically in the "mid-20s" age range so probably need to keep up on things a bit more. Also a good goal would be to acknowledge that feelings are a thing that exist. That's a first step at least lol.

Make at least one video
I had so much fun with this a couple years ago and then did almost nothing, but recently I learned how to do some things with my editing program and want to try them out! 

Go to daily Mass on a semi-regular basis
It's tough because I am definitely a night person and we only have morning Masses nearby, but I've ended up at daily Mass several times this year because of music ministry and it was so good so let's keep doing that on occasion.

Punch social anxiety in the face
Or you know. Something like that. It may not be social anxiety exactly, but it's definitely very uncomfortable! I've been home a lot this year which probably made "people-ing" harder, and I'd like to get back to that "outgrowing shyness" that adults promised me would happen when I was a kid.

Kind of want to come up with one more new/crazy resolution but no ideas as of yet!

EDIT Jan 2nd: Okay I thought of something I should definitely do:
Learn to cook
I generally find cooking Stressful so I’d like to get some practice and have a few meals (simple is fine, but ones I can’t already do easily) down that I can do from start to finish. That are also allergy-friendly and somewhat healthy. 

Thanks for stopping by this year! How have you been, how was your 2018, and what are you looking forward to or hoping to do in 2019?

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year, Overdue

Hello 3-5 people that may see this! I am aware that I have not blogged since last New Years, and it is now the 5th of January, but even if this blog stays inactive I wanted to do this post for my own record.

Last year's resolutions:

Read three books
I read six from start to finish, plus some nonfiction that I either didn't finish (stuff I wanted to read) or I read for school (so I may have finished it but can't say I took in every word).

Keep making videos
Sadly this stagnated this year. I made one though, and I'd like to try this again.

Write fanfiction
Actually did more than I have in a while! Posted a fic I wrote before, did a daily writing challenge in October, and other bits here and there. Still need to work on writing a lot, but at least it's some progress!

Talk more
I'm not sure, I might have talked less in some scenarios. Sometimes that seems the better option, though I need to express myself sometimes.

Reduce stress and address tension headaches
Not sure this really happened either haha. Though if they came from driving to school or attending class, those should be much lessened now. Just have to try and reduce stress in other situations.

Try yoga, dance, and weight training (at least once)
And here I thought this would be the easiest, yet I did none of these. But! I've been doing little walks, so that's better than nothing. Still would enjoy trying dance and some other things. Got to figure this out.

Have a life outside of school
Wow, a string of failure! ;) I tried a bit and had bits of success, but nothing long term. Maybe it's just the way it needed to be for now.

Watch a new show
I watched a lot of bits and pieces of Mitchell and Webb's various shows, but more notably Star Wars Rebels. Started it a couple months ago and I am smitten. Kind of wish I had watched it sooner so I could do the episode reviews, but it would have been harder to enjoy if I was still mourning the loss of The Clone Wars.

This year's resolutions: 

Graduate from college
If this somehow doesn't happen, it's either going to be the worst or the best year ever.

Get a job
Dear life, please give me a sense of purpose.

Read 4 books
Going to keep increasing the number until I miss it haha.

Get at least one fanfic close to completion
Done would be ideal, but mostly edited and needing fresh eyes is also good.

Create other things
Music/videos/fanfiction/other writing, shareable or not.

Take care of myself (body, mind, and soul)
Cause dang I know you have to exercise your body but if my mind doesn't get stimulated once in a while it melts, and homework usually doesn't help.

Love myself
Which is a more catchy phrase than "learn how much God loves me so I can love Him, others, and myself more."

Dress well
Maybe start on a capsule wardrobe, though that may not happen until I have a job/other reason to leave the house.

Thanks for stopping by, and many blessings to you this year. <3

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy new year, friends! I hope you have a blessed year full of joy, peace, growth, and love.

I return for my annual new year's post, this time skipping the year highlights and going straight into the resolutions, since they talk a bit about my year anyway.

Last year's resolutions:

Post another fanfic (in addition to the one mentioned above which will hopefully be this week)
Welll I didn't end up posting that week, but I did later. I posted some more fanfiction to tumblr that hasn't made it onto AO3 yet, but I'm going to say this is basically fulfilled.

Do at least 3 song "collabs" (whether with another person or me recording multiple parts)
Done! Did two videos on my own and the last one with Misty just before Christmas. Had a lot of fun on these, especially using costumes and editing tricks.

Read two books to the end (let's set the bar low)
I read seven!! I started with The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet and then read six Agatha Christie books, which I enjoyed immensely. Technically I have read more than this because of friends' books, but I haven't kept track.

Keep working on Spanish
Not so much. I may have done some early in the year, but I can't remember the last time I went on duolingo. Going to say unfulfilled.

Learn something new or improve something I'm new to (creation-wise, like ukulele or video editing)
I learned a lot in video editing this year and made a ukulele cover of a song, so basically did that. 

This year's resolutions:

Read three books
Still setting the bar low in case I don't have another Christie-obsessed summer, but I'm hopeful I can read more like I did this past year.

Keep making videos
This was a big source of enjoyment and life this year, and something I would like to continue and see what I can do with.

Write fanfiction
It would be nice to post some too, but I at least want to try writing more. Even if it's self-indulgent trash that never sees the light of day, I think it would be good to try.

Talk more
In some friendships and on social media (my main source of interaction outside my family), I don't say much, and I think trying to talk more in some settings could be beneficial in multiple ways. Or at least experimenting and seeing how it goes.

Reduce stress and address tension headaches
Headaches have always been a thing for me, but the tension headaches were pretty consistent this year (with long school days and some social situations being the common culprits). I'd like to try a few things to manage stress better and find ways to reduce stress in headache-inducing circumstances so I can function better and, well, have less pain.

Try yoga, dance, and weight training (at least once)
Also aiming quite low here, but at least trying each of these would be a step. I'm in my 20s, my body is at its best right now, and it's a good time to strengthen bones, so bring on those youtube tutorials. 

Have a life outside of school
Yep. Stress relief for one, knowing something good is out there, and to be honest, it would be helpful to have something to talk about beside school.

Watch a new show
I've been wanting to try Grantchester, or The Sarah Jane Adventures since I've only seen season 1, or one of those WWII dramas I have saved on netflix. 

That's kind of a lot of resolutions, but maybe I can focus on one or a few at a time. I'm hoping that even if some of these are kind of little things, they could make a big positive difference in my life.

Thanks for reading, guys. What are you hoping to do in the new year?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simple Things for Summer

Day 30 - Anything you want to post about

(Hey, the whole point of this challenge was so I didn't have to think of something!)

School has been done for a week and now that I'm through, I'm trying to settle into summer now, so-

Here are a few small things I want (specifically want, not the productive things I need) to do this summer:
  • Make a pizza crust
  • Read a book
  • Record a song
  • Write
  • Go to the library (to read/write)
  • Re-watch the rest of Lewis before the new series
  • Go swimming
  • Other things yet to be determined

Thank you for hanging around the last month, and hope you all have a good summer!

Unless you are in the southern hemisphere in which case have a good winter!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Picture of Myself

Day 29 - Picture of yourself

Okay, just for you few special people who read this, here is probably the best selfie I've taken this year:

Thank you universe for coming together to create this picture I feel pretty good about. This was after my final presentation for the spring semester, so I had made a bit of an effort on my appearance was feeling confident after my group's successful finish.

Also this is commemorating how good my bangs looked two months ago because it is now far from that.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

11:11 Wishes

Day 28 - Do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for?

At 11:11 this morning I actually saw the clock and wished that I was posting this at exactly that moment.

But anyway, in today's edition of deconstructing the question, I have three approaches to this:

1. I don't think these kinds of wishes are real so it doesn't really matter.

2. It's sometimes more fun to pretend about stuff like that.

3. If they were real, you'd have to be really careful what you wish for because you have no idea of the implications it might have.

When you take these into account, I would basically wish for something like to notice when the clock says 12:34 because that's really cool.

Monday, June 27, 2016