Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year, Overdue

Hello 3-5 people that may see this! I am aware that I have not blogged since last New Years, and it is now the 5th of January, but even if this blog stays inactive I wanted to do this post for my own record.

Last year's resolutions:

Read three books
I read six from start to finish, plus some nonfiction that I either didn't finish (stuff I wanted to read) or I read for school (so I may have finished it but can't say I took in every word).

Keep making videos
Sadly this stagnated this year. I made one though, and I'd like to try this again.

Write fanfiction
Actually did more than I have in a while! Posted a fic I wrote before, did a daily writing challenge in October, and other bits here and there. Still need to work on writing a lot, but at least it's some progress!

Talk more
I'm not sure, I might have talked less in some scenarios. Sometimes that seems the better option, though I need to express myself sometimes.

Reduce stress and address tension headaches
Not sure this really happened either haha. Though if they came from driving to school or attending class, those should be much lessened now. Just have to try and reduce stress in other situations.

Try yoga, dance, and weight training (at least once)
And here I thought this would be the easiest, yet I did none of these. But! I've been doing little walks, so that's better than nothing. Still would enjoy trying dance and some other things. Got to figure this out.

Have a life outside of school
Wow, a string of failure! ;) I tried a bit and had bits of success, but nothing long term. Maybe it's just the way it needed to be for now.

Watch a new show
I watched a lot of bits and pieces of Mitchell and Webb's various shows, but more notably Star Wars Rebels. Started it a couple months ago and I am smitten. Kind of wish I had watched it sooner so I could do the episode reviews, but it would have been harder to enjoy if I was still mourning the loss of The Clone Wars.

This year's resolutions: 

Graduate from college
If this somehow doesn't happen, it's either going to be the worst or the best year ever.

Get a job
Dear life, please give me a sense of purpose.

Read 4 books
Going to keep increasing the number until I miss it haha.

Get at least one fanfic close to completion
Done would be ideal, but mostly edited and needing fresh eyes is also good.

Create other things
Music/videos/fanfiction/other writing, shareable or not.

Take care of myself (body, mind, and soul)
Cause dang I know you have to exercise your body but if my mind doesn't get stimulated once in a while it melts, and homework usually doesn't help.

Love myself
Which is a more catchy phrase than "learn how much God loves me so I can love Him, others, and myself more."

Dress well
Maybe start on a capsule wardrobe, though that may not happen until I have a job/other reason to leave the house.

Thanks for stopping by, and many blessings to you this year. <3


  1. Happy New Year to you! Hope you accomplish even more than you did last year! I've learned that with every year, it's best to be more hopeful :)

    1. Thank you, you too! That's true, hope is good! :)

  2. Oooh, I see how all the things have played out!
    You could say that you did read more since you read a lot of my stuff. And all combined it's long enough to be a book! ;)

    I think yoga would be a fantastic thing to do! I've been told it helps with stress. So maybe that can knock out a couple of things. :D

    You can totally graduate from college. *Turns into a pep rally person* YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! :D :D :D :D

    And if you wanna watch a detective/law show I still have that one I recommend to yaaaa. ;) ;) ;)

    In the summer we should try to make videos aroud the same time to keep each other motivated. :D

    I think you can get a job once you're out. I think it's easier then. :O

    And great post! It's awesome to see your future plans. :3

    ~Misty Kasumi*

    1. That's true, I know I mentioned that last year but have a bad sense of time so I didn't remember that I did read stuff this year as well. XD
      That's also true!
      Wooooo thank you!
      Haha nice
      It would be fun to make videos at the same time!
      Yah, kind of hope to before but we'll see :o
      Thank you! :)

    2. Lololololol. xD Nah, it's good. But it can add to your accomplishments for next yearrrrr. :3
      YAH! More Taylor Swift singing vids. xDD
      Oh! Then apply for lots of places and see what happens. Ya never know!
      <3 <3 You're welcome~

      ~Misty Kasumi*

  3. Why have you not blogged in so long?- Jose

    1. To quote Return of the King, "it needed a week's answer, or none." ;) Though mostly being busy with college.