Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whodunit April Fools - Hints and Solution

Now that I have solved the much more important case I was working on, I can now direct my attentions toward this case again. It took me mere moments to discover what was wrong, but I would not expect anyone else to possess my level of deductive reasoning.

If you wish to look at it again before reading my solution, here are some clues for you:

1. Look in the details. Why would they explain something seemingly unnecessary, and did they explain it correctly?

2. You are not expected to determine if the alibis are acceptable (this would require outside verification), only if they were obviously lying in the first place.

3. There may be more than one false alibi.

(possible spoilers)
4. Look at the money spent and the seating arrangements.

And now for my solution:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whodunit - April Fools

I'm Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective. You may remember the previous post I made here. I return because once again, Arda has been an idiot. Oh, I can see her face reading this, don't be like that.

You think she would have learned after the Gollum incidents, but she left her computer logged into blogger and someone has made some changes, obviously.

What's more is that I have reason to believe that they took control earlier this week, Monday if my deduction is correct (it is), and only now showed it (or it was only just noticed, because really, who would read this blog anyway?).

From the design, I have narrowed the suspects down to three - Jim Moriarty, Irene Adler, and Sebastian Moran. Naturally, the next step was to find out what they were all doing at the time of the hacking.

First I spoke to Lord Sebastian Moran, who without knowing the exact day in question says he can account for his whereabouts Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday, he was in meetings all day with several witnesses. Regarding Monday, he said "my wife dragged me to a show with her mother. I don't like spending the money, but it was my mother-in-law's 80th birthday. Never again. It was a waste of good money. I gave the fellow at the box office a hundred dollar bill for those tickets and didn't even get a penny of change. It was highway robbery." He also said he had the ticket stubs at home if I wanted proof.

By some coincidence (or perhaps an unrelated plan I will soon uncover), Irene Adler also went to the same theater that night with, according to Mycroft "two illustrious, anonymous associates." Apparently wanting to keep a lower profile than Moran, they sat in cheaper seats, though they didn't keep their ticket stubs. Irene said one of the ushers would remember her and the mix-up they had with their seats. Their seat numbers were M 3, 4, and 5, but there were three old ladies sitting in them and they didn't want to move. An usher got them to move up to seats 6, 7, and 8. "Even if the usher doesn't remember," Irene said, "there was a big fuss during the second act when I lit a cigarette. A kid sitting next to me told me smoking wasn't allowed. I told her parents to keep their rotten brat at home next time. They'll remember me, even if the usher doesn't." Though I'm not sure who wouldn't remember her.


Thinking there must be some conspiracy between the three, I asked Moriarty if he had also been at the theater. "No, don't be boring," he told me. "I was home all evening. I watched Glee on Netflix until the 11 o'clock news came on. Then I checked my diary for the next day, read for a while, checked my cameras, put out the lights, and went to bed. All alone. Can't prove it, Sherlock."

More questions are called for, but I'm far too busy with a more important case today. I need you to determine who I should investigate further. Comments and questions will be answered normally except those containing solutions. These I will review and post tomorrow along with an explanation for those who did not solve it (probably most of you, though Arda thinks you can).

Good luck.
-Sherlock Holmes.

Update: ANYONE?! John would at least give it a try. Even if he missed everything important. Fine, Arda is too busy with her dull job to change her blog back anyway so I will give you a week to solve this before I explain my deduction. -SH