Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simple Things for Summer

Day 30 - Anything you want to post about

(Hey, the whole point of this challenge was so I didn't have to think of something!)

School has been done for a week and now that I'm through, I'm trying to settle into summer now, so-

Here are a few small things I want (specifically want, not the productive things I need) to do this summer:
  • Make a pizza crust
  • Read a book
  • Record a song
  • Write
  • Go to the library (to read/write)
  • Re-watch the rest of Lewis before the new series
  • Go swimming
  • Other things yet to be determined

Thank you for hanging around the last month, and hope you all have a good summer!

Unless you are in the southern hemisphere in which case have a good winter!


  1. Sad we're done doing the 30 day challenge :( It was nice, though, since we hadn't got to blog a lot lately :) Nice to be back on them.
    Sounds like a good plan for the summer, I hope you get to do them :) If you want any book recommendations, I could probably find you some you'd like :) And, of course, there's that certain one by a certain author ;)
    And yes, pizza! What kind of crust do you make? And that's a good idea to re-watch Lewis and I hope you record some more songs too (always love hearing you sing <3 :) ). And swimming and writing and everything! :)

    1. Yeah, it's been really fun, especially doing it together!
      Thanks! :) Heehee if we are thinking of the same one that's on my list. ;)
      YES :D Not sure yet, I have a couple to try on pinterest but if you have one you like let me know!
      Aww thank youuu <3 <3

  2. This was a fun challenge! Hope you have a great summer too :)

  3. That's a good list. :D (Except the swimming...heh...*stays away from water*)
    And I wanna hear a songgg <3
    And for the book you're gonna read... *evil author grin and just waits*

    Misty Kasumi*

    1. Thanks :) ah yah...
      Maybe soon! Maybe!
      That too XDD

  4. :P Yah.
    Lemme know! I wanna work on my evil cackle. ;)

    Misty Kasumi*

    1. I haven't thought of one but won't discount it!
      Definitely will ;)

  5. Great challenge, have a lovely Summer, full of books and pizza. Also I nominated you for the daily quote challenge.

    1. Thank you! :) Hope you have a lovely summer as well!

  6. I've nominated you for a tag, but no pressure to do it!