Monday, June 6, 2016

The Music of Laurence Fox

Day 6 - What band or musician is most important to you?

Since October I believe, I've been listening to a lot of Laurence Fox. He played one of my favorite characters on Inspector Lewis and has been working on a music career as well. I don't necessarily recommend all his music, but I really love several songs (I haven't even listened to his new album yet what the heck). Often the whole message of a song won't speak to me (or the melody more than the lyrics), but little bits will, and I thought I'd share a few with you all.

Believe we are growing up
And yet still we scream: don't go
I'll never leave you alone
Believe you are beautiful, very much more than you know
I'll never you alone, cause I know
I was on fire, until you put me at ease
And I am just like the wind, and the wind will change again

It’s time, time to start clutching at straws again
Picking a fight that you can never win, never win, never win
In time, he’s gonna feel so small
Cause you are the fire, you are the storm.
Stay by the fire until you get warm

Down to the far shore
To write his name in the sand in the dark before dawn
The waves will wash it away
But that’s what he’s waiting for
He’s gonna sway himself to sleep
Throwing rocks into the ebony deep
And he knows
All his thoughts will explode into something more

Take your time
Be yourself

I want no one else


  1. Those are great lyrics!! :D I really like the bolded ones <3

    Misty Kasumi*

    1. Yahh those are probably my favorite <3

  2. (sorry I'm commenting late). Glad you like his music and that you can relate to them :) And it's always nice when a favorite actor also sings really well too.
    What is the song about?

    1. (I refer you to the last paragraph, which says "take your time" ;))
      Thank you! :) Yeah, and glad you have one too. :)
      I'm...not entirely sure. His lyrics are pretty poetic and I don't fully understand a lot of them, but I think you can kind of see your own story in them, if that makes sense. But I can send you the full lyrics or link if you like.

    2. You're welcome and thank you :)
      That makes sense. I like songs like that; you can put your own views on the song. You can send it, sure :)