Friday, June 24, 2016

Things That Cross My Mind

Day 24 - Seven things that cross your mind a lot

1. That sounds like a good opportunity for a pun. Or this line from Cabin Pressure. Actually there are two Cabin Pressure references that fit, which one should I use, or both?

2. Food.

3. Isn't there school I should be doing? Am I doing enough? What is that later assignment going to be like? Will I graduate? Has anyone replied to my discussion post?

4. I'm so tired. I wonder if I'm feeling other things right now. Who knows.

5. My friends <3 They are so lovely and I miss them. I hope they're okay and I should talk to them soon.

6. I wonder how my detectives are doing. That thing they said, what does it mean for other things? Are they happy? I wish I could give them a hug...

7. What the heck day is it.


  1. "That sounds like a good opportunity for a pun." XD
    These are great!

  2. Sounds like some good thoughts (and some sad ones :( ). :) Agreed, food is definitely important and the school one is so TRUE. And, friends of course :) <3

  3. Thank you :) Yess I'm finding this is fairly prevalent, wish it wasn't and will be seeking ways to change it. Yes <33

  4. Where's the pun?
    <3 fud.
    Aw, is no one responding to the post? :/
    You don't know what you're feeling? :X
    Go hug some detectives. xD
    Um, Friday or Saturday...? I'm confused too. I should look.

    Misty Kasumi*

    1. Ah well I didn't come up with one for this post. Maybe if I had someone to brainstorm with - after all, two heads are better than pun.
      yas <3
      Meant it more in jest from previous experience! :)
      It's a thing that happens :/
      But they are not here...
      I have been informed that it is Friday. Not sure if that's true...