Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Turn Ons and Offs

Day 21 - Turn on's and off's

Turn ons:

  • Friendliness
  • Humor
  • Singing/playing an instrument
  • Good with kids
  • Nice to people
  • Intelligence
  • Religious
  • Humility
  • Openness with emotions
  • Enthusiasm

Turn offs:

  • Really edgy humor
  • Mean comments
  • Not trying in school
  • Too much self-importance
  • Unreliability
  • Un-fun show-off
  • Distant "cool"
  • Murder


  1. Yes, being good with kids is a huge turn on for me too.
    Wow, "murder" came out of nowhere XD
    As I was reading I just said out loud "murder?!?" because I wasn't expecting it and then started laughing like a maniac.
    So now my family is afraid :'D

    1. Yeah, generally pretty good indication that they're a good person. :)
      lolol I have no regrets XDD

  2. Great lists of turn offs and ons. I agree with a lot of those as well and many are on my lists as well. And I love the last one of the turn offs XD Like, no, I do NOT want to date Moriarty!
    And definitely, openness with emotions is a MUST.

    1. Thanks, I'll look forward to seeing yours! :) Absolutely, total deal-breaker for me. Even if he has humor and intelligence. :P

  3. (Edgy humor..? What's that?)
    And yussss. Good ones. Luv em!
    That last one though.. xD Glad it's on the offs! :P

    Misty Kasumi*

    1. Kind of like mean or inappropriate.
      Thanks! :)
      Oh yes, I'm more for finding who these people are. ;)