Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Someone I Fancy

unfortunately I think he only wears this suit in the last series. it really...suits him.

Day 15 - A photo of someone you fancy at the moment

Also known as day 2 of my nonexistent crushes.

The closest thing to a person I fancy at the moment would be my love for James Hathaway. He's a detective from the show Inspector Lewis (a fictional character, of course - it's me after all), played by Laurence Fox (whose music I talked about earlier this month).

James is one of those characters who is simultaneously me, my son, my best friend, and my husband. In some ways I feel he really gets me (and also he may be rubbing off on me). He is also at times a small child who needs to be protected. And someone with a compatible temperament and interests.

If I used five words to describe him, they'd be intelligent, facetious, brooding, sarcastic, and devoted.  (Oh yeah and he's Catholic too).

So yeah, I really love him right now.

((whoops somehow I messed up the scheduling sorry this post is late))


  1. This post makes me really happy...>:) Heheheh...

    Misty Kasumi*

  2. He sounds like a cool guy and I'm glad you have a fictional character to enjoy so much :) :) I can see why you like him. And the actor is a really lovely singer :)