Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Show I Love

look at my child

Day 18 - Name the tv show you have become addicted to

WELL it just so happens that Endeavour comes back tomorrow night. *internally screaming*

I still really love the shows in the "Morseverse," especially Endeavour (probably my fave) and Inspector Lewis (possibly fave characters).

Quick explanation of how all this works - Colin Dexter originally wrote Inspector Morse mysteries which were turned into a popular TV show. Morse's assistant, Sergeant Lewis, later got a sequel on TV (Inspector Lewis), then they started making a show about Morse in his younger days (Endeavour).

So to recap -
Endeavour - set 1965-1967 and beyond, aired 2012-present
Inspector Morse - set and aired 1987-2000
Inspector Lewis - set and aired 2006-2015 (final season to air in the US in August)

Endeavour is just a masterpiece. It has great mysteries, a fantastic cast, beautiful locations, classical music, and heart-tugging characters and stories. I'll be rewatching an episode and think "ah, this is so peaceful," and then "wait this is so sad how did I forget," and then I'll listen to opera and join Morse in his melancholy state.

Of course, since it's ongoing there's always the chance it could go downhill. We'll see. I'm probably going to love it anyway.

And to those who have put up with me obsessing over this for two years - thank you.

I will endeavour to not talk about the new series too much.



  1. Now it all makes sense. (The order of the shows.)
    So Endeavour is your favorite? :O

    Misty Kasumi*

    1. Ah good, I'm sure I've been confusing before. Yeah I think so, I loveee Lewis but something is really special about Endeavour for me. :)

  2. I'm not surprised ;) But agreed, Endeavor is really good and the other shows look like fun as well.
    And you don't have to apologize for obsessing. It's fun! :D (though I understand the need to apologize. I feel like I need to sometimes too). Glad you have a series of shows you can enjoy so much :)

    1. lol no :P Thank you! I'm with you on both sides too. Thank you. :)