Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Basic Things

Hey all, for the month of June I'm going to be doing a 30 day blog challenge:

Day 1 - Write some basic things about yourself.

So right now:

-I'm at a four-year university

-Currently majoring in communications (emphasis on studying people rather than media or PR) and minoring in psychology

-My favorite color is purple

-I feel weird coming up with basic facts because the majority of the very small amount of people who read this blog I have known for a long time, so this is for you, new people!

-I'm (probably) an INFJ, Hufflepuff, lawful/neutral good, and melancholic

-I'm that boring person who loves pizza, pasta, and pretty much only drinks water

-British detectives are still very much my thing

-My brother and I like watching them together (and occasionally luring in Mom and Dad)

-I've been increasingly inspired to write lately because of some blogs and other things I've been reading

-Dogs are wonderful creatures but I'm allergic to everything so I have to be content with seeing them in car windows and getting really excited

-I'm approaching 5 years of this blog, which seems both a short and a long time.


  1. Hey Arda! Long time no see!
    Sorry to hear you're allergic to dogs... but that made me laugh out loud if it makes you feel any better XD
    Five years?! Wow that's a long while...
    Glad you're back! I missed ya! 30 day challenges are great way to get a routine for blogging going ;)

    1. Hi! I just saw that you made a personal blog a while ago - following now!
      Thanks, I am glad some good comes of it. XD (though seriously recently I saw two dogs in a car window and their heads were stacked on top of each other and it was the cutest thing)
      Well thank you :) Yeah, we'll see if this works!


    SO happy. And yus. Write some thingggs and let me read em! <3

    Misty Kasumi*

  3. I love it! I cant wait to read all those blogs this June :) Also, psychology and the color purple are incredible. I approve.

  4. Hi Faith! Thank you, and glad you approve. :)

  5. Glad you are doing this! :D I'll be joining you tomorrow! :D
    Hey, since you are minoring in psychology, I was thinking that, if you need a test subject, you can use me XD
    Yay, purple! :) And I also drink mostly water :)

    1. Yayy that will be fun! :D
      Mwahahahahaha wait I mean I will be entirely professional and ethical and NOT test out my evil villain powers from that and communication :)))
      Yess purple water buddies :)