Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pet Peeves

*pretends I've seen this movie so I can use the appropriate pic*

Day 9 - Pet Peeves

For some reason, whenever this question comes up, I immediately forget everything that annoys me. So I got some inspiration from a Huffington Post article. These are pretty much all paraphrased or inspired by it:

  • When people are really late without letting me know
  • People who are sick and not careful to not spread their germs
  • People who say "no offense" and then say something offensive, or say "I'm not racist/sexist/etc. but," or "I was raised Catholic but" no. Just stop.
  • People who ask you something but do not pay attention to the response or look like they literally couldn't care less
  • "On accident" (apparently it's as accepted as "by accident" but it just doesn't sound right to my ears)
  • When people play their music out loud in public (I'm trying to get some reading in before class and there's already too much going on please don't add rap music)
  • When adults complain about young people being on their phones all the time (bonus points if they're on their phone at the same time)
  • When the air isn't squeezed out of a ziploc
  • (And my own additions) When two people talk to me at once and don't try to sort themselves out
  • When people constantly express extreme disbelief that you haven't watched something and oh my gosh you've got to ("oh really, I think you'd like it" is totally fine)
  • The feel and sound of fingernails on certain surfaces like metal or towels. Ughhhhhh
  • Being done with a blog post and thinking of other things to add or change


  1. Great list! A lot of those drive me up the wall as well :O I can totally relate to the rap music- WHY must that be the only music blasted out loud in public? I rarely hear anything else unless it's on a radio. And people who ask a question but ignore you/act like they don't care are the WORST :P

    1. Thanks. :o YES why not some Gregorian chant or something?? Yeah, like if I'm bothering to explain it in a way your human brain can comprehend will you not listen? :P

  2. UGH Number three bothers me sooo much! "I'm Catholic, but...(insert heresy here). Grrr...And also when people chew loudly--I. Cant. Stand. It.

    1. Definitely, like if you're going to insult me, at least know what you're talking about. :P Oh geez sorry that bothers you, must be tough sometimes!

  3. Pet peeves....eeeee. And yeah, I also have the problem of not remembering anything when I'm asked about it. xD

    Misty Kasumi*