Monday, September 26, 2011

Jar Jar Binks on "Prisoners"

Jar Jar Binks represents his people, the Gungans, in the Galactic Senate.  He was a general and hero in the Invasion of Naboo and is bravely serving the Republic in our war through negotiation.  He lives in Otoh Gunga, Naboo.

Hello!  Mesa called Jar Jar Binks!  Mesa doing dis guest post thingy for Arda, who doesn't weally have anything to say on de episode.

[Hey!  I've got stuff to say! Fisto had a good line.  Well...he stole it from Indiana Jones.]

About de eels!  Oh nosa!  Dos eels were bad!  Wesa starting to get berry scared in dare.  Padme almost drowning!  Luckily mesa got a few tricks up mesa sleeve...

[Yeah, that was cool and all, and great that you saved Padme, was a little gross.]

Yosa seen nothin.  Yosa ever been to da core?

[Of Naboo?  I guess technically not...]

Dey got muy slimy fishes down dare.  Yosa no wantin to go dare.

[I'll keep that in mind.]

Good!  Weell, lots of tings did happen in de episode!  Like Lee-Char uniting da people against da Separatists!

[That was pretty brave.  Turning against the Separatists was a big risk for the Quarren; they knew how ruthless Dooku and Tamson were.  And Lee-Char asking them to do that--]

Exactly!  And he let himself be taken just so he talk to...ah...

[Let me open Wookieepedia...Nossor Ri!]

Dat's it!  And den Captain Ackbar could get the armies together!


What yousa saying?

[Never mind, that hasn't happened yet.]

Anyways, day all got together at de execution--

[The bad guys should really learn that these public executions are perfect opportunities for escape.  And they should read the Evil Overlord List.]

And dey blasting de Separatists aways!

[Yay!...*has nothing to say*]

Yosa no liken de episode?

[No, I liked it fine, just...I like Lee-Char, but prefer the ones that are more Jedi-centered, the ones I'm more emotionally invested in.  With Anakin and Obi-Wan and Ahsoka.]

Dey weally couldn't do much here.  Dis is really Lee-Char's battle.

[ was really more about him gaining confidence and growing into his role as king of Mon Calamari.  That was pretty nice.]

Dis a good message for all da younglings!  Believe is youse self, don't be giving up, and be willing to give yoself up for youse people!

[Aww, that was nice Jar Jar.  Looks like you might be doing dat - I mean that - in the next episode.]

Well, mesa does have a role in it.  And Ani dos too!  But he's looking hurt.

[Yeah, poor guy never gets a break does he?]

Noo...poor Ani!  Mesa hate to see him get zapped by dos eels.  And next week he's getting zapped again!

[Yep...well, any closing thoughts?]

Mesa just wanting to tank all of yousa for reading mesa review.  Mesa ask for all of yours support during dis galactic war.  In de Senate, we are working muy hard to protect de Republic and end de war.  But Padme never keeps around good snacks.  So if dare is anyone who wants to donate, Arda will be setting up de donations box on de side bar so yousa can just--

[Jar Jar!]

But--but mesa doing nothing!


  1. Hehehehe! Very cute! :-)

  2. Mesa like dis post! Teeheehee! :P

    ~Natalie <3

  3. so cute this post is. i love jar jar, he makes me laugh. mesa thinks this post is a so cool. :)

  4. Not sure whether that was hilarious or scary, but I absolutely loved it! :D