Monday, November 14, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 14

A scene that makes you happy...

Um...kind of drawing a blank here, which is sad because this should be easy.

How about...when Obi-Wan visits Dexter Jettster!

This scene does make me happy.  It's one of the few relaxed moments of Attack of the Clones - old friends talking, joking, and Dex helps Obi-Wan out.  He figures out where Obi-Wan's dart came from pretty quickly, and it makes you wonder what kind of adventures he's been on, or how much information has been passed through him.

And what's cool about the friendship that Obi-Wan and Dex have, is that they don't have relationship problems, which is pretty rare in Star Wars.

Basically, I like the scene because it's cute and relaxing.  Oh, and isn't Dex one of the few characters that Obi-Wan hugs in the movies?

I'm going to need to find myself a Dexter Jettster costume.


  1. Great scene choice! I always really liked that scene. :)

  2. I also like that scene :) When Dexter greeted Obi-wan so warmly, I like that part. :)