Thursday, November 3, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 3

So we've had good guys the past couple of days, but now it's time for the bad guys - Favorite member of the Empire!

...And sorry, but the guy I thought of I like because he's not all bad.

Darth Vader.

"All too easy."

I like him because he is/was Anakin Skywalker and has an inner conflict between good and evil.  He is a pretty cool villain, and although I'm not frightened of him anymore, he still makes me nervous once in a while when I'm thinking about how the heroes see him.

Before I really saw Star Wars, I thought Vader had some vacuum cleaner in his helmet and would suck people up in the air toward him and than release them tumbling on the floor.  Guess I was a bit off.

Well, this post seems kind of lame.  I'm really not into bad guys and I mostly like them because they have either have good in them, were good once, or have an awesome voice.  Vader has all three.

But these are not his only qualities.

That's all for now - thanks for reading, and may the Lord be with you, because the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Lord.


  1. Oh. My. GOSH.



    'Nuff said. xD

  2. I'm with 'the director.' that. was. AWESOME.

  3. Darth Vader is my favorite movie character ever!