Saturday, November 5, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 5

Today is favorite droid!

...But I don't have a favorite droid.

Well, I sometimes like C3P0 and R2D2, but it depends on what I've been watching/reading.  So let's talk about...Todo 360!


"I am a techno-service droid, not a butler droid!"

Todo is Cad Bane's droid from the The Clone Wars, and so far has appeared in seasons two and three.  I've always found him funny and an interesting "sidekick" for Bane.

Fun fact: as I was reading about him on Wookieepedia I noticed that Todo is the same height as Yoda, .66 meters.

Palpatine: Did you say Order 66?  *evil cackle*

Hey!  As I was saying, he is .66 meters tall, which is about 2.17 feet.

Palpatine: I knew Arda would come to the dark side.

Get lost already!  So anyway, Todo's first episode is a lot of fun - I love the part where Todo breaks into the communications room in the Jedi Temple only to find four Jedi staring back at him.

Palpatine: Foolish Jedi.

He tries to pretend he's a Temple droid, greeting the esteemed Jedi Masters with "hey guys," and makes the excuse that he was just "ah...testing the access hatch. Works great!"

Palpatine: They are blind, all of them.

Another thing I just saw on Wookieepedia - Todo was rebuilt by Anakin after he exploded in Holocron Heist in the attempt to learn more about Cad Bane.  Todo escaped, however, and that's how we were able to see him in Evil Plans and Hunt for Zero.

Palpatine: They can't even keep a weakling droid in custody.

Hmph.  Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!  I've got a Sith to exterminate...


  1. Yeah, TODO is my favorite too. He's awesome!!

  2. HAHA, Todo is funny, my brother and I love him.
    Yeah, you might wanna destroy that sith, he'll be a bother later. ;)