Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A-M Randomness

I think I forgot how to blog...I've been busy for a while and now I'm working on a couple blogging-related things but it's been so long since I posted so just wanted to do something. Saw a couple bloggers do something similar so here I go with little topics for each letter...

A. Arwen-Undomiel.com's humor section - all the pictures and things there are great and some of my old favorites.

B. Blogging - I'm working on one thing for this blog (plus thinking about what I'm even going to be posting about ever) and some other stuff which I'll mention when it's done (get excited!).

C. Commenting - blogger friends, I am really really sorry I haven't been commenting. Lots of busy and tired days. I'll try to get better at it.

D. Doctor Who - I started season 7 with Asylum of the Daleks today which was pretty good (I can tell there's foreshadowing for later in the season which is cool). For those anxiously awaiting the 50th anniversary special on November 23, the awesome people from the Doctor Who tumblr started isitthedoctorwho50thanniversaryyet.com to help us keep track of the days.

E. "Everything's under control, we're taking over the ship" - usually when we play the alphabet game I think of this line from Pirates of the Caribbean. Still love those movies.

F. Fortnight for Freedom - for the two weeks leading up to the fourth of July, a lot of people/churches are praying especially for religions liberty in the United States (see my old post and this awesome one from the USCCB for more of an explanation). We've been doing evening prayer at church on weekdays, with my friends and I singing.

G. Gollum - My preciousss, gollum gollum. We have been busy precious, yes, very busy...

H. Hiddleston - Tom Hiddleston is just a great guy.

I. Ice cream - is good.

J. June - is almost over already?? We're about halfway through the year now...I'm going to run out of summer really fast. After finishing a summer class, I've been catching up on things and music and sleep for the past few days but now hopefully I'll get to more of the things I planned.

K. Keptin Kirk - all the gifs I've seen of Chekhov (and his Russian accent) from Star Trek: Into Darkness have really made me want to see the movie (and I may or may not be dying to see Benedict Cumberbatch) so if I don't catch it in the theaters I'll definitely see the DVD. Totally not abandoning Star Wars though! We can all be friends.

L. Lord of the Rings - this post, especially the caption, made me laugh really hard.

M. Messy Mondays - if you haven't checked out Blimey Cow on YouTube, I would highly recommend it. They have tons of funny, thought provoking, and encouraging videos that are full of awesome. One of my recent favorites was 7 Lies You Believe About Yourself, which I found super encouraging.

Just doing the first half of the alphabet for now so 1. I can get something out that doesn't take too long, and 2. I have another easy thing to post about later. Thanks for reading and sorry for my inactivity in the blogosphere!


  1. Love that qoute from Tom Hiddleston, but I disagree on it 'maybe being old fashioned' it should not be something that is old fashioned. :) Also love that picture which he sent to Chris and Chris. :P That line from POTC! It is classic! :D

    God Bless,

  2. This is so cool! I think I'm going to have to snag this idea. ;)

    Oh, and by the way - I love Arwen Undomiel, too. BEST. WEBSITE. EVER.

  3. This post is great. Especially the Hiddleston memes, Ice cream, and the LOTR gif. (I clicked and read the caption and it is hilarious.) If this is a common thing to do around the blogosphere I think I'll file it away.

  4. Vellvin - Definitely! But he gives me hope for humanity. :) Thanks for the comment! God bless!

    Alyianna - Thanks! Go ahead ;) Yesss it is awesome!

    JT - Thank you! :D I've seen a couple people do something like this so I *think* it's a thing...at least it can be now! :P

  5. Great post!! :D (I also have seen a couple of bloggers do it so I believe I will as well). Glad to see you back on :D.

    Cool that you are starting season 7 and I hope you enjoy it :). Ice Cream is definitely very good :D.
    Love Tom Hiddleston! :D He's such a great guy and an actor I definitely want to work with one of these days :D. Love the picture of him stealing the hammer and shield ;) XD. And of course, I love Lord of the Rings, amazing books and movies :D.

    Oh, and don't let Gollum steal your blog again XD ;).

    1. Thanks! :D

      Thank you and yes to all those things! :D

      Don't worry, this blog is quite safe now - I think we've come to an agreement. ;)


    (and you're awesome - your comments made my night)