Sunday, April 1, 2012

The New Master of In Western Lands!

Yesssss!  Precious, precious, my precious, oh my precious!!!  We has it!  The Precious!  We has taken over In Western Lands!

We are now very strong!  We are the master!  Lord Sméagol!  Gollum the Great!  The Gollum!  Yes, we will be called The Gollum!

Fissh, now we has nice fish!  Look!  Look at the sidebar!  Nice, juicy, beautiful fissh!  All for ourselfs, precious!  We doesn't have to share it with the fat hobbit, no precious.  We takes the fish for ME!

But good Sméagol will keep the blog running.  Good Sméagol always helps.  He even has an episode review, yes, from The Clone Wars.  Soon it will be posted.  Later, but very soon, precious.

Hmm, what else can we talk about?  Does it like riddles?  Maybe we gives it a riddle to solve?

What has

Alive without

Ah!  We has it.

High to low, then back again,
In darkened forest, stuck in pen.
Out at last and finally free,
To get back what belongs to me.

I guide and wait while planning all,
That those I guide will soon befall.
I'll bide my time and then attack,
So I can get my treasure back.

But then a new pursuit I found,
An easy way to be renowned.
This very day I hold new weight,
And that is why I am now great.

Who am I?

Difficult, tricksy yes?  Think it can solve our riddle?  Guess!  Yes, guess in the comments!  We'll tell when someone has it right, so don't look if it doesn't want to be spoiled!

While it thinks we are going to have some fissh.  May the precioussss be with you!  Hee hee hee hee!

Note from Arda: Thanks for bearing with my April Fool's Day silliness! If you weren't around the time or wish to relive the glory of Gollum's temporary reign, here's what my blog looked like:

click to see larger


  1. Geez, I leave you alone for TEN MINUTES and you do this to me?! You said you were just going to work on your episode review!

  2. AHH!! Smeagol! What have you done to Arda!! *worried* ;)

    And the the riddle! IS Gollum! I think.....

  3. Arda - Sméagol lied.

    Voronda - Yes! Yes, it guesses the answer! Well done, precious!

    Heeheehee, we has changed Arda's password! She can't get in no more! Gone, gone, gone!

  4. Hahhahahaa XD So funny! XD
    Yesh the answer to the tricksy riddle is Gollum yes? Yes? Tricksy, tricksy you are.

  5. I do believe I missed seeing this post before the Clone Wars one. *shakes head* It explains everything.

    Well, what I can say? Welcome aboard, Gollum.... :/

  6. Thanks Lee! And yes, you got it! :D

    The Director - don't worry, now Gollum has been kicked out. ;)

    And yes, the answer to the riddle is Gollum! The first part talks about his captivity in Mirkwood and goes on to describe him guiding Frodo and Sam into the trap of Shelob. The reason why he became great is because he took over a blog. ;) But I have it back now so he'll have to go back to being lowly old Gollum again.

  7. Gollum, you swore on the precious to be nice, don't break promises.
    Yours, (wait! I mean, Mine,)

    1. We swears to be nice to Master, but not to the Short Blogger! Heeheeheehee! But she doesn't let us post on her blog anymore. No, precious, we post on our own!