Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Thank you to Annika Elipton at Writing Beyond the Moon and Aayla Rain at Fangirl & Farmgirl for this award!


1. Post seven random things about yourself.
2. Award this to 10 other bloggers!

Random things about me:

1. I like sticky notes
2. I enjoy putting on accents
3. I work on parodying entire musicals for fun
4. Obi-Wan is my BFFF (best fictional friend forever)
5. Flip flops are my favorite type of footwear
6. I like to think that some humans are evolving into hobbits and I am one of them
7. Singing almost always lightens my mood

I will tag...

1. Alyianna at Scribbles of a Catholic Teen
2. Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes
3. Rebecca at Just me...
4. Shaak Ti at God's Jedi Girl
5. Atina at Atina the Jedi
6. Jedi Knight Autumn at An Autumn Day

And anyone else who has not gotten it yet!

Have a great weekend my friends, and may the Lord be with you!

P.S. Thank you to those who gave me the Dragon Appreciation Award and sorry I never got around to posting it!


  1. You're Welcome for the "Dragon Apprentice Award" :)
    Hope you have a good weekend :D

  2. Hi Arda! I don't think we've met! I'm Kayla from TLH and I am Through Two Blue Eyes's little sister. *shakes hand* You're blog is so cool and I am for sure bookmarking it!

  3. Thank you so much for giving me the award! I've done it once, but I will add your name to my list on my awards page!

    Love, Jamie

  4. Hi Kayla! Thank you so much for your comment! :D

    Jamie, you're welcome and thank you!

    Sorry for the delayed response - computer problems have made it difficult to get on blogger for a couple weeks.

  5. Hi there! I tagged you over at my blog. :)


  6. Hi, Arda, I tagged you on my blog :)