Monday, October 17, 2011

LotR Awards (and a guest post!)

Rebecca at Just me... gave me these awesome LotR awards!  Thanks so much Rebecca!

And now the questions that come with them!

1) Who is your favorite LOTR character and why?
Sam.  He's so loyal to Frodo, and I love that although he's in this huge world, fighting battles and facing dangers that most men would not see in their lifetimes, he stays who he is and doesn't lose his simple Hobbit self.

2) If you were in Middle Earth, what species would you be?
Probably a human, but otherwise a Hobbit!  I love their unique traits and charming lifestyle.   Plus I'm short.

3) If you were in Middle Earth where would you be from? Would you be from the Lothlorian Forest? Or maybe the great hall of Rohan? Where would your home be?
Again, with the Hobbits in the Shire!  It's so pretty and not too dangerous.  But I'd want to visit Rivendell sometime!

I give these awards to The Director at Castles, Quills, and Cameras, and any other LotR fans!

Also, on Friday I wrote a guest post on Sophia's blog, Life and Times of a Geek.  Go check it out!

Hope you all have a great week, and may the Lord be with you!


  1. I'm glad you like your awards, Arda! :D And great answers to the questions! I just LOVE the Hobbits! :D

  2. Cool! I live in Mirkwood, would you come and visit me?? You may bring Obi-Wan, The elves, Legolas and I will throw a grand party! But please tell Obi-Wan to try not to use the force, it may scare the elves.;)

  3. I'm coming to the party too, all the way from Rohan. I can bring the Falcon and Han also.

  4. i follow you now! please come visit my blog @ and follow back!♥

  5. Rebecca - Thanks! Hobbits FTW!

    Voronda - Sounds like fun! I talked to Obi-Wan and he says he would be honored to attend, and will be careful with the Force and his lightsaber (so the blue glow doesn't make the elves think orcs are near).

    Sophia - Ooh, Rohan! :D See you at the party!

    Cubette - Thanks for the follow! I'll go check out your blog!