Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I may not be blogging a lot but this is one of my favorite posts to do every year so here we go.

Some highlights of this year:
  • Recorded song covers for Facebook
  • Started a Midsomer Murders blog in April and posted every day since then
  • Sang in a concert
  • Worked through my store's closing
  • Sewed around 15 things (5 characters, 10 from patterns)
  • Visited Shena and Misty in real life (best weekend ever)
  • Went on a road trip with Mom to the beach
  • Was introduced to some great music and picked up the ukulele again
  • Watched Inspector Lewis (and read all the fanfiction), Foyle's War, Midsomer Murders and parts of Poirot
  • Had some really good times (in person and online) with friends
  • Came out of this year stronger and ready for a new year

Last year's resolutions:

Get back to learning Spanish - did a bit here and there, but still a work in progress

Write (and possibly post) fanfiction - wrote some things that aren't great but nice to do for fun, and edited one that I am very close to posting online, and will hopefully in the next few days

Assess my blogs and possibly improve them - I kind of informally decided to stop Riddles in the Dark, because my writing was feeling repetitive and it was hard to come up with ideas. I still love Gollum, so if I feel re-inspiried one day I'll go back to it (I have some ideas to improve it, but need the inspiration first). For this one, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing for now, posting when I feel inspired and have time at the same time (why do those not like to happen simultaneously?).

Read more - maybe do a reading challenge - I may have kind of accepted that reading books just isn't easy for me right now, but I did read an Inspector Morse novel, part of Mansfield Park, and might have tried a couple others earlier in the year. Right now I'm reading a book about the history behind Foyle's War and it's interesting so hopefully I can finish that!

This year's resolutions:

I don't really have personal goals beyond being okay while doing things which is hard to quantify, so I'll make these more creative goals.
  • Post another fanfic (in addition to the one mentioned above which will hopefully be this week)
  • Do at least 3 song "collabs" (whether with another person or me recording multiple parts)
  • Read two books to the end (let's set the bar low)
  • Keep working on Spanish
  • Learn something new or improve something I'm new to (creation-wise, like ukulele or video editing)

A few days ago, I saw a tumblr post that said "2015 was my character development year which means 2016 is strictly action and story progression and i don’t know about you but i’m excited." This feels true for me - 2015 wasn't my year. But I think that 2016 could be okay, if not really good.


  1. Good luck with your new year's resolutions! :)
    Have you seen the new Sherlock special? What did you think of it?

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yes, it was kind of weird but I liked it. Gives you a lot to think about. What did you think?
      I'm still intending to do your tag, sorry I haven't gotten to it yet!

    2. No problem :)
      I agree, the special was super weird...I liked the fact it took place in the mind palace, but I wasn't a fan of the concept he was basically high the entire episode. I thought all in all it was pretty interesting and I loved how they tied it in with the last moments of the third season on the plane!

    3. Yes, it was really nice to have resolution for that! Now they can go into series 4 without too much explanation for last season. Although there's still stuff from Reichenbach I'd like to know... :P

    4. Good point...I don't think they ever plan on revealing more on Reichenbach though :(
      Also, not to bombard you with tags (take your time, no pressure!) but I brought you another one! This time it's one I started and I'm trying to get it to catch on :) It's the book shelf tag--the details are on my site:

    5. It's looking less likely as time goes by. :/
      Thank you! It looks cool and I'd like to do both sometime. :)

  2. Don't give up Arda! You can do it!

    Have you seen the new Star Wars? I would love to hear what you thought of it! :D

    1. Thank you!!

      Yes, general impression is good - I like the new characters and was impressed by the actors, and of course having some of the old crew back was great. What did you think?

    2. I liked it very much but I wouldn't say I LOVED it. A tear fell when you-know-who died... :'(
      But other than that, it was a good movie and the new characters were great! I watched it in 3D so it was really cool when the fighters were zooming around :D

    3. I agree, I would say it was great but not perfect. Yeah :/ I'm either unconvinced by that or very in denial. :P
      That's awesome! I saw The Phantom Menace when it was rereleased in 3D and I agree how cool that was. :D