Thursday, September 4, 2014

A-M Again

What's on my mind, told through whatever words I can think of that start with certain letters.

A - Autumn. Something I am very much looking forward to.

B - Blogging. I've written stuff but never edited it and thus haven't posted in too long. But I will post this post!

C - Choir. We've been doing some cool new songs lately including Lollipop by The Chordettes. It's really fun to do with my friends and it sounds good too.

D - Doctor Who: Deep Breath. I've only seen the first episode of season 8 but it was pretty good - it seems like Twelve and Clara will have a good season. Strax was definitely the highlight for me.

E - Endeavour. A British detective drama set in 1960s Oxford and my newest obsession. What I love most about this show are the characters and their relationships, especially between the main character, DC Morse, and his mentor DI Fred Thursday (played by Roger Allam, who I followed here from Cabin Pressure). If you like Sherlock, I highly recommend this.

F - Felt. I've been enjoying making plushies a lot lately, and just finished a cardinal using this pattern.

G - Gollum. He and I have both been tagged and these posts are coming! Sorry for the lateness.

H - Hogwarts. If you like over analyzing fiction as much as I do, you may enjoy An Endangered Species - Exploring the Wizarding World, a series of essays about the world of Harry Potter. There are also many Sherlock essays on the same blog, and they're all really interesting.

I - Ipswich. After listening to series 3 and 4 of Cabin Pressure last spring, my brother and I finally got series 1 and are now working on series 2. Our next episode is Ipswich which has this wonderful scene.

J - Job. I'm taking a year off from college and just got a job at a bookstore, so that's exciting.

K - Knightly. I really liked Alex Knightly (and Emma and Harriet!) in Pemberly Digital's Emma Approved which recently finished, sadly. If you're a fan, vote for them for a Streamys Audience Choice Award!

L - Les Miserables. The aforementioned Roger Allam got me into Les Mis again from listening to the original London cast recording with him as Javert. Love his version of Stars. And every other song he's in.

M - Maya Fey. So there's a game that's a crossover between Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and it was finally released in North America and it is totally awesome. Maya, one of my favorite characters, is back after not being in the last few AA games and it takes place between my two favorite PL games so I'm really happy.

What's new with you all?


  1. Glad to see you posting again! :) Looking forward to your new posts.
    I'm also looking forward to Autumn. It's my favorite season and the heat it really annoying.
    Endeavor sounds really interesting(I love good mentor-student relationships in fiction), I've added it to my to-watch list and hopefully I can watch it at some point.
    Congrats on getting the job!
    Yes, love Les Miserables!! :D

    1. Thank youuu! :) Hopefully fall will come soon! Oh yes me too, mentor-student relationships are wonderful. :D Hope you like it if you do! Thank you! :) And yes, Les Mis ftw!

  2. Yay You are back!! :D I can't wait for Fall! Such a wonderful feeling. ❤️